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Crystal Seal


why this product apposed to A silicon base?

CRYSTAL-SEAL is an invisible, deep penetrating, weather resistant, water and dirt repellent product which seals brick, stone, concrete and mortar surfaces against penetrating rain and water from garden irrigation systems and rain. On any porous surfaces such as pre-cast concrete walls or asbestos / Nu-Tech sheeting, CRYSTAL-SEAL will prevent algae growth and subsequent discoloration.



  • Clear


  • Brush, roller or spray.


  • 4-6m2/L

Total Solids

  • +/- 12.5%

Specific Gravity

  • +/- 1


  • <10 Krebbs Units at 25ºC

Drying Time

  • Allow three hours flash off before over coating.


  • Water  


  • NOT


  • Surface Preparation All forms of surface contamination must be removed to ensure a smooth surface, free of moisture and loose material, or any other barrier to adhesion.

  • Use a wire brush to remove any laitance and efflorescence.

  • Application During application, ensure adequate eye protection (goggles). Evenly apply by using a brush or low pressure knapsack sprayer. Begin treating the surface from the highest point, working downwards. Wipe off any overspray on glass surfaces as well as window & door frames.

  • Allow a three hour flash off period. Apply a second coat, this time working from left to right.

  • To achieve maximum penetration, treating surfaces while warm or exposed to full sunlight.

  • Do not apply onto wet surfaces.

  • Do not apply prior to cementitious coatings.

  • Coverage – 4msq to 6msq per litre.

  • Clean up with water

  • Do not apply if rain is imminent.

This is the story....

When NASA needed a product to clean the ceramic tiles from the underside of space shuttle after re-entry, they could not find a product on the industrial markets that would clean deep as the the engineers requested. The problem was that the dirt burnt into the ceramic tile at over 2000 Degrees. The idea was to create a product in the lab that would penetrate through micro fine molecules, then adding a cleaning detergent within that would dig out the dirt from deep and bring it to the surface to be washed.
Once the formula was perfected, they realized that if you can get in so deep, (micro particle level) why not remove the cleaning agent and replace it with a crystal molecular  waterproofing agent…..
Done…now the formula would allow the waterproofing crystal molecule to be deposited deep within substrates allowing the material to be waterproofed, and this is totally
UV Stable, as UV will only attack the surface of an item


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